Top 10 Best Bosses in the Doom Series (updated)

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Every Doom player knows the game is peppered with the toughest enemy creatures. But do you have any idea how tough exactly?

Well, to answer that question, here is a top 10 list of the best and the toughest bosses in the Doom series. Take a look:

Mother Demon (Doom 64)

Also known as the Resurrector, the Mother Demon is the final boss of Doom 64 and found in MAP28: The Absolution. She appears to resemble a four-armed moth but without visible wings, letting out a ghastly snarl when in motion or a frightful shriek when being attacked. She attacks by shooting powerful flame trails, followed by four homing rockets that split up when striking the target. The Mother Demon is quite a powerful foe and can kill you if you come unprepared. The easiest way to kill this boss is probably with the use of the fully-equipped Unmaker at point-blank range. The weapon will stun her and prevent her from shooting the deadly missiles, leaving you to only dodge the flame trails.

Helltime Hunter (Doom 3: RoE)

The first of the three hunters as well as the first boss that you’ll have to fight in Doom 3: Resurrection of Evil is the Helltime Hunter. He resembles that of a Hell Knight but without legs and he moves around with incredible speed. He throws fireballs as his mode of attack. If you get close to him, he can also attack you with his large claws. To dodge the fireballs, you have to sprint or run sideways. You can defeat the Helltime Hunter by using the Grabber to catch plasma balls from the Martian defense turrets and use them against the Hunter. As the Hunter moves incredibly fast, you’ll need to use the Artifact to slow down time. Beating this boss will give the Artifact the Helltime ability.

Berserk Hunter (Doom 3: RoE)

The Berserk Hunter is the second boss in Doom 3: RoE and guards the monorail leading from Erebus Labs to Phobos labs. A full head taller than a Hell Hunter, he has a sloth-like head, knuckles with holes to hide large claws, and humanoid legs. The Berserk is just as fast and capable of powerful melee attacks in two phases: employing the Berserk ability and throwing fireballs. While in Berserk mode, the Berserk Hunter exposes his heart, which makes it vulnerable to attacks. Since he’s very fast, you’ll have to use the Helltime power of the Artifact to slow him down and attack his heart. This in turn will prevent him from transitioning to the second phase.

Invulnerability Hunter (Doom 3: RoE)

Another boss found in Doom 3: RoE, the Invulnerability Hunter is the third and final Hunter you’ll encounter in that level. This Hunter has a very muscular physique and surrounded with an electric blue aura. He thrives by absorbing electricity from the power coils in the Energy Core area of Phobos Labs – Sector 2: Molecular Research. He hurls an electrified plasma orb and stomps the ground to unleash an electric shockwave. As his name implies, he’s invulnerable to attacks. But there’s a short period in which you’ll be able to deal damage. When that comes, use the Artifact’s Helltime ability to slow him down, then start firing until you kill him.

Guardian of Hell (Doom 3)

The Guardian of Hell is the second boss in Doom 3 and the final boss in Lost Mission. Standing more than 15 ft. tall, this crocodilian demon guards the Soul Cube. And you must defeat him in order to obtain the Cube. He attacks by charging or punching you with his large fists as well as pounding the ground, in which he emits large spheres of energy that flies in eight directions. The Guardian is practically invulnerable to all forms of weapons. So you’ll have to take out his seekers in order to defeat him. Do it by targeting the blue sphere above his head to prevent him from generating more seekers.

Hell Guards (Doom 2016)

Powerful denizens of Hell found at the end of the Necropolis in Doom (2016), the Hell Guards are tall, menacing exoskeletons controlled by diminutive parasites. They wear spike-covered armor platings to protect their fleshy bodies, but they’re not very hard to kill. You’ll have to fight the three Hell Guards in two stages. In the first phase, one Hell Guard will appear, armed with a powerful mace and can throw fireballs. Once you defeat him, two more Hell Guards will appear. One will try to attack with its melee weapon, the second one will use distance attacks. Using short-range and middle-range weapons in both stages will help.

Baron of Hell

The Baron of Hell is a very powerful, high-ranking Hell monster that appears in Doom (2016). One of the most powerful demonic creatures in the series, the Baron resembles a minotaur, with his horns and muscular physique as wells as his goat-like legs. He looks a lot like Hell Knights, but twice as tough to kill, what with a thousand hit points. That’s because the Barons of Hell are said to be the personal servants of the Lord of Hell. This boss has three modes of attack – a melee strike, a ranged green fireball, and a ground slam to rapidly close the distance. You can avoid them by strafing around the Baron in a circle. Use the Super Shotgun to interrupt his attacks. The Rocket Launcher and Plasma Rifle can finish the job.

Maledict (Doom 3: RoE)

The demonic transformation of Dr. Malcolm Betruger, Maledict is the final boss of Doom 3: RoE. He looks like a skeletal dragon with a large set of wings, empty eye sockets, and a head similar to a Forgotten One. He’s an extremely powerful foe and even able to penetrate the Invincible ability of the Artifact. What’s more, he can withstand multiple BFG and rocket hits even when augmented by the Berserk ability. Not only does he use Flamewall and rain fireballs from the sky, he also summons Forgotten Ones to battle you. You can defeat the Maledict by using the Berserk power of the Artifact to increase the damage dealt by your weapon.

Spider Mastermind (Doom 2016, The Ultimate Doom, Final Doom, Doom II)

The Spider Mastermind is the final boss of Doom (2016) but also appears in the other installments of the series. She appears to look like a massive brain with facial features, mounted atop a cybernetic chassis with four mechanical legs and a Chaingun. With 3000 hit points, this boss is one of the toughest creatures in the game. She uses her Chaingun fires three bullets with every shot, but at a rapid rate of 425 shots per minute, and won’t stop until you move out of sight or simply die. She’s immune to all blast damage, so you’ll need a great deal of rockets to kill her.

CyberDemon (Classic Doom, Doom 3, Doom 2016)

A towering, hellish combination of demon flesh and technology, the CyberDemon is by far the most formidable enemy in Classic Doom and considered as one of the most intimidating boss monsters in video game history. He has a large rocket launcher mounted on his left arm and uses it by firing barrages of three rockets at a high frequency. With 4000 hit points and incredible speed, this boss is very hard to kill. He’s also immune to all blast damage, which proves to be a challenge. You’ll need a large amount of ammunition to kill a cyberdemon and the BFG9000 is the most effective weapon against him. If it’s not available, you can use the Rocket Launcher. But be prepare to deal out at least 45 well-placed hits to kill him.

Our final thoughts

So that’s it – the top 10 bosses you’ll encounter in the Doom series. Now, you know not only which they are, but also how to kill them. Although you still won’t find it easy to defeat them, you now have the edge to win the game.

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