Top 10 Best Weapons in Dark Souls 3 (updated)

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Featuring monsters, blades and magic, the Dark Souls series has been a huge hit thanks to its challenging gameplay and vast lore, creating a fun experience that all RPG players enjoy. The third installment further improves its predecessors’ mechanics making it the fastest selling game from Bandai Namco.

So if you want to play this game and want to know which weapons to use, then just read on below. Listed here are the top choices, starting from the least best (because the worst in this list is still one of the best), straight up to the most powerful.


First on the list is a type of greatsword that can either be wielded singlehandedly or by two people. It is a high-coverage weapon that is easily attainable early in the game so you don’t have to worry about complicated quests if you have your eyes on this one. Claymore inflicts high damage when used with two hands and deals fast swings when used with one, making it ideal for STR builds. The best part? It’s enchantable so you can further strengthen it according to your own style.

Black Knight Greataxe

When you’re up against demons, there’s no better weapon than the Black Knight Greataxe thanks to its 20% bonus damage against these enemies. This weapon also can’t be parried when two-handedly wielded, making it very easy to throw off your opponent to bring down its defenses. What’s more is that its leaping strike not only hits multiple enemies but can also stun those within range.

Sellsword Twinblades

You may be wondering why this weapon is in this list as they are the starting weapon for the Mercenary class, but the Sellsword Twinblades can be pretty deadly especially when dual-wielded by Rogues and Thieves due to their scaling power. They charge up really well with their spinning slash that increases in damage the longer the attack is used and are also excellent at creating formidable combos that can easily wipe out enemies. Still not convinced? Then reinforce it with titanite to seriously boost its strength.

Arstor’s Spear

Next on the list is a unique spear that features a long range of attack that performs best in invasions rather than duels. A rotten meat wreathes around from the spear’s blade down to the handle, which gives this weapon a bad-ass look (not to mention a poisonous property to kill enemies.) The downside? It’s not enchantable so you can’t add anymore attributes. But hey, this one is already powerful anyway so just poke your enemies away!

Dragonslayer Spear

If you want to get extra flashy at finishing mobs, then the Dragonslayer Spear is the way to go. Abnormally large with a cross design on its handle, this spear sports a long range with decent damage and channels the power of lightning to destroy your enemies. Sadly though, it can’t be infused and buffed so you’re stuck with its abilities throughout the game. Still, it’s already immensely powerful so just reinforce it to further increase its damage.

Heysel Pick

Love casting spells but crushing enemies as well? Then you’ll love the Heysel Pick, which boasts both critical and spell bonus, allowing you to attack enemies in melee and assault others from afar. Ideal for use in Invasions by INT classes, this weapon can be buffed using Steady Chant to increase both its physical and magical attack, adding more power to it.

Dark Sword

Remarkably powerful, the Dark Sword is a straight sword that works best with STR-focused characters due to its bonuses when infused and buffed. It’s also the only straight sword that borrows the greatswords’ stomp weapon art, making it a versatile weapon for different scenarios. If infused with a Heavy Gem, this weapon’s STR bonus increases to A, making it even more impressive than it already is.

Butcher Knife

When you want to go on a killing spree, nothing looks more awesome than this big Butcher Knife. Great for STR builds, this menacing weapon cleaves through enemies while siphoning the life out of them to heal yourself; because who needs potions in the middle of slaughter? Not you, not you.


Similar to Claymore but packs more punch, Zweihander is an ultra greatsword that sends enemies flying to the air and smashes them to the ground thanks to its heavy weight. Perfect for STR builds, this weapon doesn’t require high stats to wield so you can wreak havoc upon your enemies at low levels. Just make sure to infuse it to augment its already formidable strength.


One of the most popular weapons for players in the entire series of the game – and easily the most powerful in the list – is Uchigatana. It is a type of katana known for its quick slashing move set. This weapon inflicts a high base damage and also causes bleeding, making it easy to finish tough enemies. So what makes it the best in this list? It’s a top weapon of choice for both DEX- and VIT-centric builds and a runner-up for INT- and FAITH-based builds, making it a great all-rounder. Just upgrade it as soon as you can, and it will be the only weapon you need all throughout the game. Yes, truly the best!

Our final thoughts

While Uchigatana may not exactly be the most devastating weapon of the bunch, it’s still the best weapon due to its versatility and easy attainability. In fact, you can set your eyes on it at the start of the game without worrying what build you will focus on later. Almost all of the other weapons, on the other hand, will only work with a single type of character which may be a bummer for some, so I say Uchigatana takes this list’s crown.

How about you? Do you agree with my list? Let’s discuss below!

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