Top 10 Best Dark Souls Youtubers

Playing Dark Souls is more fun with helpful gamers providing tricks and techniques to both newbies and seasoned gamers alike.

That said, here are the best Dark Souls gamers you can find on Youtube.

The Ashen Hollow

A well-known Youtuber who creates lore videos, The Ashen Hollow explores Dark Souls and its lore by creating videos and making awesome theories about the game. His theories never fail to entertain his 41,700 subscribers, reaching up to 3,148,249 views since the launch of his Youtube channel last year. It’s interesting to see the way he interprets lore connections between different fluff and text. Some subscribers even dub him as the Preston Jacobs of the Soul community. In the video above, he gave his impression of the Ringed City which is the second and final DLC of Dark Souls 3.


With 3,446 subscribers and 226,934 views, Saint_Riot is known for playing extreme games and getting through them successfully. His Learn 2 Invade series in Dark Souls is a prime example. His videos are top-notch and hilarious at times, what with his good sense of humor. What’s more, he tends to keep his calm during his video walkthroughs, no matter how hard they are. The video above is an invasion video where Saint_Riot shows his subscribers effective techniques for a summoner.


ZeroLenny is the 8th Dark Souls Youtuber in this list. He’s not as active as the other Youtubers but his videos are just as entertaining and well done like that of the other gamers. So it’s no surprise that he has gained 66,604 subscribers and 3,930,906 views since starting his channel in 2009. He is best known for his “broken straight sword only” runs of every game including DLC. His spicy memes are also a hit, which he uploads in his channel, titled “The Dark Soul Experience.” The video above is the latest addition to his Dark Souls experience, and an awaited sequel at that.


SchwaAkari may only have 1,994 subscribers and 67,116 views but her Dark Souls videos are just as top-notch as the rest of the Youtubers’ videos in this list. In fact, she’s praised for always providing in-depth explanations of her invasions and sharing personal techniques in dealing with enemies; not to mention, displaying enthusiasm and a positive attitude when playing the game. What’s more, her editing skills are great. Now the video above features the invasion of Akari of Sabbath across the ashen kingdom of Lothric. Watch how SchwaAkari’s third and final venture with her exotic, SL72, quadruple-weapon loadout.

Moose Torrent

Moose Trent is a Youtuber known for uploading mostly Dark Souls PvP videos. Although his 43,073 subscribers love his goofy humor in some of his videos, they also appreciate his serious, no nonsense tone when it comes to his PvPs. They tend to be helpful and informative to new players who want to learn awesome techniques. Which is probably why the views of his videos managed to reach an impressive 13,091,710 since the start of his channel in 2014. Now watch as he demonstrates the prowess of the Crescent Axe which is pretty much underused in Dark Souls.

The St1cky Band1t (thest1ckyband1t)

Like SchwaAkari, The St1cky Band1t is not as popular as the other Dark Souls Youtubers. In fact, he only has 3,478 subscribers and 301,045 video views, even though his channel was launched in 2014. But it doesn’t mean his videos are any less helpful or informative. Not only that though, he also tends to be creative in dealing with invasions, always showing excitement even when facing overwhelming opponents in the game. An example of his vibrant attitude is the video above, where he shows a walkthrough invasion of DS2’s Scholar of the First Sin. Not exactly an easy feat, but he managed to breeze through it.

Aegon of Astora

If there’s a Youtuber who enjoys exploring the lore of Dark Souls from a critical, pedagogical perspective, it’s Aegon of Astora. With over 13,857 subscribers and 1,817,822 views, Aegon loves to create in-depth playthroughs of Dark Souls, while exploring not only the story per se, but also how the story enriches – and is enriched by – the mechanics of the game. His ‘Let’s Talk Lore’ series, revolving around Dark Souls and Bloodborne, does a great job bringing together the community. It’s where he breaks down the lore of the game as well as addresses and discusses the comments from viewers. The video above is a part of his lore series, and it’s about the Irithyll of the Boreal Valley in DS3.

The Demodcracy (theDemodcracy)

With 126,235 subscribers and 20,328,320 views, The Demodcracy is best known for uploading reviews, top 10s, speedruns as well as boss and zone ranking series of various games, including Dark Souls. Although he has a tendency to express strong opinion about the games he’s playing, which viewers find annoying at times, he’s really good at what he does. He’s there to provide useful tricks and insight, especially when dealing with hard-to-kill enemies and bosses. He’s also open to viewers’ comments and suggestions, not one to shoot them down. Now if you’re interested in knowing the bosses’ rankings, from the easiest to hardest to beat, in DS3, then check out the video above.

Neptunus Equester

With subscribers numbering 10,026 and video views of 3,203,276, it’s no doubt that Neptunus Equester is a pro when it comes to video games like Dark Souls. This Youtuber, is in fact, very knowledgeable about PvP duels, providing narration and in-depth analysis of the matches. Aside from PvP duels, he covers general concepts like meta as well as stamina management and dealing with bosses. He also gives his subscribers great techniques like how to attack efficiently and what weapons to use or steer clear from. Take a look at the video above where he explains how to use medium shields safely in DS3.


The top spot in this list is none other than Youtuber Vaatividya, with his whopping 1,027,294 subscribers and 145,731,262 views. Launched in 2012, his channel is known for lore videos of Bloodborne, Demon’s Souls and especially Dark Souls. He provides not only narrations, but also well-thought out and well-researched theories in his videos, instead of expressing his opinions. Aside from showing good editing skills and impressive gaming prowess, he’s also known for preferring “quality over quantity.” So his subscribers don’t have to worry about stumbling upon crappy videos. Now if you’re interested in finding out the top secrets of DS3’s Ringed City, then go check out the video above.

Our final thoughts

There you have it – the top Dark Souls gamers in Youtube. While you may find some of their views and insights different from your own, rest assured that these Youtubers are always there to give you top notch tricks for a fantastic gaming experience.

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