Top 10 Best Armor Sets in Dark Souls (updated)

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Every player wants to look like a badass while playing Dark Souls 3. You can do that by choosing a badass weapon and an equally badass armor set.

But it’s not just the look. What’s more important is that the armor of your choice should be able to give you the protection you need.

That said, here are our top 10 choice for the best armor sets in the game.

Winged Knight Set

The Winged Knight set is a heavy, glimmering silver armor embellished with a blue layer of cloth. While the Physical side of this set is balanced, the resistance to Bleeding is very high. Which makes it perfect for Strength and Vitality. It can be found in the Grand Archives, in front of a painting of the Winged Knight. Just make sure to watch out for the Winged Knight enemies in the area.

Outrider Knight Set

The Outrider Knight set looks very metallic. Not too light or too heavy, its texture has a scaly surface. This armor has a very high frost resistance, which is particularly useful when you’re fighting enemies that apply Frostbite like Vordt and Outrider Knights. It is found in the upper Grand Archives area, behind an illusory wall, where you have to defeat a tough enemy that will drop the set once defeated.

Leonhard’s Set

Known as the armor set of Dark Souls 3 character Leonhard, this set features a distinctive silver mask. The armor itself looks a dingy garb but in fact decorated with gold and silver. The set was designed to cover the burns in Leonhard’s face and body. You can get this set by killing Leonhard when he appears at Firelink Shrine. He will then drop the Silver Mask and Crescent Moon Sword when he dies and you can purchase his set from Shrine Handmaid for 10,500 souls.

Dancer’s Set

There’s only one word to describe the Dancer’s set: elegant. Lightweight and mainly composed of the colors blue and gold, this armor features a silky translucent cape attached to the back of the chest piece. It has a high resistance to Frost, but has a low defense to Strike and Fire. This set can be bought from the Shrine Handmaid for 31,000 souls after you defeat the Dancer of the Boreal Valley.

Faraam Armor Set

Deemed as the official armor set of Bearer of the Curse, the Faraam set looks very fashionable and features a sleek feathery mane on the shoulders. In fact, it’s one of the best looking armor sets in the Soul series. While it has high resistance to Poison and Bleeding damage, it has a low resistance to Lightning. It can be purchased from Shrine Handmaid in Firelink Shrine for 18,000 souls after killing Lion Knight Albert in Grand Archives.

Armor of the Sun

Worn by the infamous Solaire of Astora in the first Dark Souls, the Armor of the Sun is very much well-hidden. It’s a chainmail armor that sports the painted sun emblem across the torso, painted by the knight himself. Not too light and not too heavy, the set doesn’t have special powers but can be worn by someone who wants to become a protege of Solaire and Praise the Sun. It can be acquired from Snuggly The Crow, a crow that nests in upper Firelink Shrine. But first, you’ll need 20,000 souls to purchase a key that will give you access to the area.

Undead Legion Set

Sporting a large pointed helm atop a mix of chainmail, plate and leather, the Undead Legion set once belonged to one of the Abyss Watchers from Farron’s Undead Legion. It’s one of the best armors regarding its stats and equipped with a good defense/weight rate. After defeating the Abyss Watchers, this armor set can be bought from Shrine Handmaid in Firelink Shrine for 31,000 souls.

Armor of Thorns

Covered in dull black paint, the Armor of Thorns has a lot of sharp thorns spread over each piece of armor. This set has a high resistance to Bleeding and great for PvP combat. It’s also especially useful for finishing off low health enemies, or defeating players with Tears of Denial. Found in Cathedral of the Deep, this armor can be obtained after killing Longfinger Kirk, who wears the armor.

Silver Knight Armor

First appearing in Dark Souls, the Silver Knight armor boasts a magnificent design. Covered with light/dark silver paint that shines in the sunlight, this set’s chest features a chest piece with a small cape on the back. Although it has a low Curse resistance, has a balanced Physical defense and maintains a very high Dark defense. It can be acquired by killing a Silver Knight in Irithyll of the Boreal Valley and Anor Londo.

Black Knight Armor

Dropped by the Black Knight enemy, the Black Knight armor is definitely the best one in this list. The design alone is top-notch, with the all-black theme of the armor lending a medieval look to it. This set keeps a balance resistance to both Physical and Elemental, while it has a high resistance to Bleeding and Fire damage. In fact, the Black Knight armor is equipped with the highest Fire Defense of all Armor Sets. Now, that’s an awesome set of armor.

Our final thoughts

Now that you know the selection of the best armors in Dark Souls 3, will you make the right choice? I won’t blame you if you’re having a hard time. Whether you’re looking for an armor with high resistance to Physical or Elemental, you’ll surely have your hands full choosing the best set. But the question is: are you up to the challenge of going through the process of acquiring your armor?

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