The 8 Toughest Pets to Defeat in Crashlands

How well do you know the enemy pets in Crashlands? Do you know how to defeat them? More importantly, do you know which ones are strong and which ones are weak?

To help you with that, here’s a countdown of the enemy pets in Crashlands, ranked from weakest to strongest, so you’ll have an idea on how to defeat them properly.

Let’s go:


Known as an awkward and shy creature, Satgat wears a hat that keeps its face hidden. If domesticated, it can give you these buffs: Crit Chance – 3% (normal), 4% (powerful), 5% (epic); Bicep Power – 3% (normal), 4% (powerful), 5% (epic); Produce – Satgat Silk. Satgat is considered the weakest pet in Crashlands due to it’s low resistance to poison and ice It’s also easy to defeat due to the slowness of its movement. It can be easily attacked, although it can do a counter attack – the stomach plug attack – that, while easy to dodge, can hit you while it circles back.


Wompit is easily the second weakest pet in this list. Why? Well, its pattern attacks are quite easy to learn. It’s very simple – they just stomp. Yes, they’re that predictable. But there are occasions when they do a double stomp. Even then, it’s done at random intervals. They only attack when you provoke them by tampering with their diet, sawgrass. Here’s a tip when dealing with a Wompit. Let it finish the attack. After it’s done stomping, hit it three times with your weapon, until its health becomes low. Then finish it off with a few more attacks.


A Vomma is a creature commonly found on Bwag and can be found near the explosive Jolly Chomps. Similar to the attack pattern of a barrage artillery, a Vomma will open its mouth wide then fire a load of explosive tadpole babies aimed mostly at Flux. Although it’s an enemy, it wouldn’t attack unless provoked. To eliminate an attacking Vomma, make sure you dodge its explosive tadpoles and do a counter attack between its attacks as it’s the only time when it won’t be able to defend itself.


A bat-like creature, Wat comes with a pack. Together, its pack will viciously swarm you if you come near them. A Wat appears as a head, covered in fluff, with four eyes and oddly shaped wings. One of the smallest creatures found in Woanope, a Wat is known for having two kinds of attack. One is the simple dash where the Wat will charge forward and deal damage if you’re in its path. The other is the dash, but this time with a poison attack at the end. So make sure to step out of its way.


Tartil is an ugly stone-like creature covered wth tar – ergo with the name Tartil – and commonly found around tarpits. A Tartil is known for having 25% toughness, 25% fire resistance and 50% electric resistance. It boasts of being equipped with strong health and can easily deal lots of damage. Like the Wat, a Tartil has two different attacks. One is known as the circle of damage which covers a big area. The second one is much like the first, only this one covers a small area yet sets it on fire. Don’t worry. You can defend yourself and defeat the Tartil by stunning it, which allows you to land your hits. Just make sure that you’re not anywhere near the circle when you counter attack.


A Zug is a creature found in Savanna in Woanope. They’re known to be lazy so they only move as little as possible. But don’t underestimate this creature. Because of its laziness, it manages to pack its body with a never-ending supply of electricity, which it only uses to its advantage when it attacks. Like the other creatures, a Zug can attack in two ways. Its common attack is called the electric orb that can create a straight rectangular red zone. It can shock you if you get near the outer edge of the zone it created when attacking. Worse, it can also charge Flux’s pets. So be careful when dealing with this type of Zug attack. The other attack is similar to the first one, although this one creates a circle. Remember that the larger the enemy, the more likely it is that the circle is also bigger. So get ready to dodge. You can attack the Zug when it’s still charging up with its projectiles. Make sure you’re fast enough.


A native to the Bawg, a Wojack is quite powerful. In fact, it’s the second most powerful in this list. Pay attention when it’s around because it can sneak on you when you least expect it. Before you know it, it’s already digging underground and coming up underneath your feet. On the plus side, it’s quite easy to determine where the Wojack is going to surface after it starts digging. But like I said, make sure you pay attention. Not only that though, a Wojack can also attack through its poisoned projectiles that can hit you if you’re in close proximity. While a Wojack is 25% resistant to a poison damage, you can disarm it while it’s digging. Stunning the creature will prevent it from resurfacing and attacking you.


Beware of this glowing and gigantic insect creature, for it’s the most powerful enemy pet in this list and probably in Crashlands, too. A Glutterfly has six tiny legs attached to a huge green sack filled with poison. Uh-oh. Like most of the Crashlands creatures, a Glutterfly employs two methods of attack. One of these attacks can easily lead to death. Yikes! With the first attack, it will puff up and shoot a small ball of poison, causing the target to explode in a cloud of poison. It may not kill you but it can bring great damage and weaken you. The second attack consists of three poison projectiles, which can be fatal especially if you’re dealing with higher level Glutterflies. They’re hard to defeat during daytime so avoid them if you must during that time. To make a successful counter attack, make sure to stun the Glutterfly first and, of course dodge their attacks, before landing your own hits.

Our final thoughts

There you have it – the ranking of the enemy pets in Crashlands. Do you think you’ll be able to fight against the great Wojack or the most powerful Glutterfly? Maybe it’s time to rethink your strategies. You sure don’t want to get hit by those poisonous projectiles now, do you?

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