Crashlands 101: Top 8 Most Useful Tips and Tricks

If you love a good crafting game, chances are, you’ve played Crashlands. It’s not just a crafting game though. It’s an action-adventure role playing game that can entertain you for hours. Trust me, it can be addicting.

So in this game, you get to play the galactic delivery truck driver, Flux Dabes, whose ship crashed because of Hewgodooko, the megalomaniac alien. Flux, together with her sidekick Juicebox, starts an epic adventure to make sure the packages she was sent to deliver reach their destination.

As Flux you’ll encounter many obstacles and enemies along the way. So to help you with that, here are some tips and tricks you can use to finish your quest.

Crafting Guide

You think you already know everything there is to know about Crashlands? Well, think again. This video will teach you not only the basics but also useful tips and tricks you can apply on the game. It will teach you how to craft, how to get through hard battles, where to find crafting recipes, and more. Don’t know how to defeat bosses or do simple things like building bridges? No problem. This guide will take you step by step through the process.

Best Weapons

Ever tried acquiring the Legendary Megagong? Not an easy feat, right? While the gong weapons are already powerful in their own right. It’s the Megagong that’s on top of the weaponry food chain. Like I said, it’s no easy feat to get it. Since you’ll need it throughout the game, here’s a tutorial on how to acquire it along with other effective weapons to help you level up.

Breaking 50 Fatfish

Care for some Fatfish goodies? But perhaps you don’t know how to get them. Don’t sweat. Here’s a tutorial video for you to learn how to break Fatfish – 50 to be exact – and get their goodies for yourself. But who says you have to limit it to 50? As they say, the more the merrier.

Raising Wompits

Some Crashlands gamers don’t know how to raise a Wompit so it can be turned into a killing machine. Well, it’s relatively easy. At least that’s what this video made it out to be. But really, all you have to do is find Wompits and start killing them. Then watch out for the Wompit eggs they drop afterwards.

Pet Attack

How are your pets faring in the game? Do you know how to utilize them to help you beat the enemies? Watch this video as it teaches how to use pets in battle mode and help Flux Dabes get the best of the enemies. Impressive teamwork, right? Maybe it’s best to pay attention so you’ll know how to make use of yours, huh?

iOS Attack Modification

Maybe you don’t think your attack is not strong enough to beat the enemies. Perhaps it’s the reason why you find it hard to level up. Well, this video will teach you how to strengthen your attack by modifying values. But you might have to download an app on your iPhone and tweak it a little bit. But if it can help you advance in the game, it’s definitely worth the trouble.

Killing a Womplord

Killed some Womplords lately? Womplords are not that hard to kill, but not that easy either. Having pets battle with you sure helps. This hilarious video illustrates how it’s done as Flux finishes her quest. So make sure you pay attention. You might learn a thing or two from it.

End Boss Hewgodooko

We all know Hewgodooko is not an enemy to trifle with. He’s not the main antagonist of Crashlands for nothing. After all, he was the one that caused Flux to crash on Woanope. So it’s completely understandable that you’re struggling to defeat him. To be honest, who doesn’t? That’s why here’s a video walkthrough to help you fight the Crashlands big boss in Savanna, Bawg, and Tundra. Here’s a pro tip for you: make sure you have the best weapon you can find and powerful pets of course.

Our final thoughts

There you have it – the useful tips and tricks you can use to make your quest in Crashlands successful. They may be a lot of work. But, hey, if they can help you get those packages delivered in the end, what’s there to complain about?

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