From Okay to Wow: The 7 Most Powerful Candies in Candy Crush

It’s all been said before. Candy Crush is a very fun and addicting game. It provides an entertaining way to pass the time. Heck, it can even occupy your attention for hours on end. Like I said, addicting. But what makes this mobile game addicting, you ask? Well, because of the “sweet” and “tasty” candies. Not to mention the “sugar rush” you get after completing every level.

So how familiar are you with these candies? Do you know which one is the strongest and gives the most oomph? No worries. Here, we’re going to do a countdown of the most powerful candies of Candy Crush – starting from “okay” to “wow.”

3 Candy Match

The three-candy match is definitely the most basic in this countdown. In the first few levels, all you have to do is match three candies of the same color to score and complete your current level. You can do this either vertically or horizontally. Since the potential matches are practically all over the place, finding them is a piece of cake.

Striped Candy

This one’s a little step-up from the three-candy match. Do you see four candies that match? Then you can easily create a Striped Candy. When the candies match, a Striped Candy of the same color will appear. Once you match this booster with other normal candies, it will clear entire row – either horizontal or vertical – and help you rack up those points. Here’s a pro tip if you create a Striped Candy: match it with another striped one to clear two rows at once. Now, that’s a great move.

Wrapped Candy

If a Striped Candy requires four matches, a Wrapped Candy needs five. And unlike the former, this type of candy will only appear if you manage to match five or six regular candies in an L or T or a plus shape. A Wrapped Candy may not have a long range, but once activated it will explode, taking eight surrounding candies in its wake. The best part? It rewards awesome points – 200 when formed and 540 when activated.

Color Bomb

Color Bomb is one of my favorite candies in Candy Crush. Because, really, what’s not to love about it? As a chocolate ball with rainbow sprinkles, it looks absolutely yummy that you’re simply tempted to take a bite. Now as one of the candies in the game, it’s a total must-have. Color Bomb appears after you match five candies. Like the Wrapped Candy, it gives 200 points once formed. You can witness its prowess once you match it with any regular candy. Watch as every candy of that color detonates, giving you awesome points. But try switching it with a Striped Candy or another Color Bomb, it will help you move up to the next level fast.

Lucky Candy

If you haven’t noticed it yet, this special candy can only be used in Candy Order levels. It can be unlocked in Level 130 and onwards. In case you haven’t encountered it yet, it looks like a pink metallic ball with a check-mark. Once the booster is activated, a Lucky Candy will appear on the board, and more may be created in the game. While it cannot be mixed with other special candies, it can be matched with other regular candies to release a candy to help you advance quickly in the game. Very useful, if you ask me.

Mystery Candy

If you already reached the level 200s then you more likely encountered this second most powerful candy already. First appearing in the Chocolate Barn episode, this candy looks like an egg with a question mark. While the Mystery Candy can be really awesome, it can turn out to be bad either. Seriously, the odds of this booster turning into one or the other are mostly 50-50. So you can either be lucky or, well, unlucky. If it’s a good outcome, you’ll likely get Jelly Fish, Coconut Wheel, Lucky Candy, or Extra Time Candy. Now let’s hope you get lucky.

Coconut Wheel

Winning at number one is the Coconut Wheel. Also known as Coconut Ring, this candy is easily the most powerful candy in this list. It appears as a round pink candy with a black liquorice center. Unlike other candies, it doesn’t need to be formed, it just appears on the board automatically. Although you wouldn’t see it as a special candy until the Ingredients levels and unless you surpassed Level 824. As a booster, it has its own unique move. When switched with a regular candy, it will roll to a random direction to convert a few candies into a striped one.

Our final thoughts

There you go, the most powerful candies in the world of Candy Crush. From the most basic to the most powerful, you’ve seen how they work and how they can help you advance in the game. As shown in this list, the Coconut Wheel lords over the rest of the candies and easily considered the most powerful. With a unique move that can turn a regular candy into a special one, this booster can definitely take you a lot closer to the next level. You’d definitely want it on your board.

So that’s it. I hope this list helps you rack more points and up your game in Candy Crush. Happy playing!

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