5 Killer Techniques to Win at Candy Crush

It’s been years since Candy Crush hit the market and became a worldwide craze. I remember just about everyone I knew was playing the mobile game. Everyone was obsessed about getting to the next level. It was a crazy time, but fun nonetheless. Although not as in demand as before, the once highly popular game is still around these days. Admittedly, I’m one of the few who are still hooked on Candy Crush. I allow myself to get lost in playing the game for a couple hours at a time. That said, Candy Crush is no walk in the park. It shouldn’t be underestimated. You may think you’ve already figured it out only to get stuck on a difficult lever for days. Believe me, it happens. That’s why it’s best to know some killer moves so as to avoid it. Well, no worries. I’ve compiled some of the best techniques for playing Candy Crush so you won’t have to go through the trouble of searching for them yourself.

Unlimited Moves, Lives and Boosters on Mac/Windows

Using a laptop or MacBook instead of a mobile device? No problem. This video right here will teach you not only how to play Candy Crush on laptop or computer, but to also help you get unlimited moves, lives and boosters. It may not be as easy as getting extra or unlimited lives, but still doable. And, hey, if you really want to beat Candy Crush, then who’s stopping you?

Extra/Unlimited Lives

Candy Crush gamers just don’t know how to wait to get those lost lives back. After all, why wait when you can do it fast, right? Believe me, when you’re on a Candy Crush high, the last thing you want is to wait for several hours to resume a game. Fortunately for you, there’s a simple cheat to get those lives back and continue playing the game. The best part? You don’t even have to be tech savvy to do it. It’s real simple!

Combos, Combos, Combos!

Did someone say “combos?” I live for Candy Crush combos. The more candy combinations I learn, the better. You may not know it but special candy combinations are one of the most powerful moves in the game. Whether it’s a striped candy, wrapped candy, or color bomb/sprinkled chocolate, you can combine both to make a startling effect and get high points. And this video right here teaches you how. Then you’ll see, in no time, you’ll breeze through difficult levels.

Unlimited Gold Bars

Wait, did someone say unlimited Gold Bars? Yeah, you read it right. Of course every Candy Crush gamer knows how important a Gold Bar is. It’s the game currency you can use to purchase boosters which, in turn, will aid in leveling up. You can always purchase Gold Bars, but then doing it every single time you play will definitely hurt your budget. Well, this video will teach you how to get unlimited gold bars without putting a dent in your wallet.

Striped Candies and Chocolates

Want to get ahead of the game? Well, who doesn’t, right? That’s why this video teaches you how to make a striped candy – no, scratch that. Two striped candies! Having a striped candy, let alone two, will get you more points and help you move into the next round fast. Now, how do you understand chocolates? You know, that annoying treat that keeps on appearing even after you smashed it, which keeps you from winning that round. Well, this video also helps you figure that out.

Our final thoughts

Of course, these are just some of the killer techniques you can use to win at Candy Crush and have fun doing so. There are numerous tips and tricks to learn out there.

Leveling up is now easier than ever. So what are you waiting for? Start trying out these tricks and see for yourself how effective they are. I sure will!

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