Top 10 Best Android Games of Q1 2019

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Almost 10 years since its launch, Android has become a large gaming platform for both casual and hardcore players. With mobile technology improving year by year, Google Play’s library of games have been improving in quality. Now that we reached the second quarter of 2018, we list down 10 of the best first quarter free games we could find, so check them out:


Jumping back from number 9 is Wordscapes. Simple and fun, Wordscapes is a word game that combines the mechanics of jumbled-letter and crossword puzzles. Each level showcases a different landscape photo (hence, the game’s name) that relates to the level’s theme. There are no time limits so you can complete the puzzles without much pressure, and you can buy hints to help you solve hard puzzles. The game also features daily challenges for an extra mind exercise on your daily routine.

Cash Show

Previously number 2 is Cash Show. The only game in this list wherein you can earn real money, Cash Show is a trivia game that hosts three live game shows a day. Each show asks 12 multiple-choice questions, with some questions having a prize attached to them. If you manage to answer all questions up to the end, you will earn the prize money for that show, which will then be equally shared with other players who managed to do the same. Of course, if you’re the only one who got all the answers right, then you just hit the jackpot.


Formerly number 7 is Hearthstone. Hearthstone might have launched in 2014, but Blizzard Entertainment’s collectible card game is still one of the best games to play this year 4 years after. The game’s new expansion, Kobolds and Catacombs, has brought new flavors into the battlefield and put old cards out of rotation, refreshing things and giving way to new strategies. It also came with the new single-player mode called Dungeon Run, in which players have to defeat eight bosses of increasing difficulty. Even if you’ve played the game before, you will find that Hearthstone can give you a new and fun experience in an already familiar setting.

Captain Tsubasa: Dream Team

Going back several steps from number 3 is Captain Tsubasa: Dream Team. Based from the ever-popular Anime and Manga, Captain Tsubasa: Dream Team isn’t your typical sports video game. Featuring the same iconic artstyle from the manga, this game lets you become the coach of your own team with the same characters you see in the series. The matches don’t resemble actual soccer gameplay like the FIFA games, but utilize a different approach to create a fun strategy game. When characters face off each other in the field, the scene will change and you will be given options to which action you will take, similar to (but also more complex than) rock-paper-scissors. You can also play against other players in real-time, aside from the story mode wherein you experience Tsubasa’s adventures first hand.

Lineage II: Revolution

Going up from number 10 is Lineage II: Revolution. A spin-off from the popular PC game of the same name, Lineage II: Revolution is a classic MMORPG that features four races and three main classes with progressions. Each class’s skills can change depending on the race you have chosen, so play styles can be quite different between races of the same class. The graphics are simply top-notch as it is powered by Unreal Engine 4, although the cut scene transitions are far from polished. The classes are also gender-locked and there are minimal character customizations for each. Still, the game packs a lot of content to make it enjoyable and the combat is automated (which some dislike) to lessen your grinding woes.

Arena of Valor

Taking a step back from number 4 is Arena of Valor. Arena of Valor (shortened as AoV) may have been a bit late in the mobile MOBA scene, but Tencent’s entry into the mobile genre surely doesn’t fall short on quality. Featuring 57 heroes (including popular DC Comics characters such as Superman) as of writing, this 5v5 game flaunts stunning graphics and fluid animation for a mobile game, along with other fun game modes. The large character roster also means there’s plenty of play style to choose from, and you can try them out first on practice mode before buying.


Formerly number 8 is Roblox. Often compared to Minecraft, Roblox is an online game creation platform wherein users can design and sell games of their own within the app. Released in 2006, this sandbox game features thousands of games created by its users in varying genres. While many created games aren’t exactly topnotch, there are many hidden gems that can easily entertain for hours. Unlike Minecraft that can be played offline, Roblox focuses more on the social aspect and encourage collaboration and gameplay between users.


Previously from number 5 is Tekken. From Kazuya to Nina, Tekken brings the beloved characters from the successful franchise into the mobile arena. While this isn’t Bandai Namco’s first mobile port of the title, this fighting game is the best yet from the publisher. The controls have been significantly toned down for easier gameplay, but still allows for players to time their attacks and chain combos. The graphics and sounds are also great considering the game isn’t run by powerful CPUs. There are two main modes, namely Story Mode for single play and the Dojo Challenge for online versus battles, wherein there’s also ranked play.

War Robots

Jumping up from number 6 is War Robots. If you enjoy shooter games but still yearn for more explosive action, then War Robots is the game for you. Created by Pixonic, this action game uses MOBA and shooter game mechanics, but also allows character customization. Aside from choosing the main body, you can also choose which weapons to equip on your robot. You can play solo or join a pre-made team to fight against other players.

Rules of Survival

The successful Player Unknown’s Battlegrounds (aka PUBG) has now hit mobile, but Rules of Survival has already dominated the mobile scene with nearly the same mechanics as the former. Play against up to 300 players and battle it out for survival in one of its 8×8 kilometer maps as the playable area shrinks over time. You’ll start out without any items, and you have to find equipment scattered across the map to use. Like PUBG, you can also ride vehicles to roam the map and team up with friends to secure victory. It’s over 700mb in size though, so you have to download it via a WiFi connection if you don’t want to consume a huge chunk of your mobile data allocation. It’s definitely the best android game in this list.

Our final thoughts

There you have it: the best free games you can find in Google Play. As you can see, games don’t have to be recently released to be a top game for the new year. What’s important is the gameplay and experience that the game offers.

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